A full list of professional services

Health Screening

Blood pressure checks ( including manual checks)

Pulse Rate

O2 Level  monitoring

Drugs of Abuse checks (urine & hair)

Body Mass Index calculations

Urine testing - urine 10 dipstick analysis. 

Respiratory function testing 

Cotinine / nicotine exposure

Blood sugars - glucose monitoring

Cholesterol checking

Health fairs

Phlebotomy services - blood taking & lab testing (24- 72 hrs)

Liver Function, FBC, U&E Bloods

(results processed by diagnostic lab)

Weight management

Fitness and personal well-being advice

Sickness management

Occupational Health - management referrals

Spirometry testing 

Audiology testing 

Insurance assessments

Ergonomic &  Posture solutions

Vision & eyesight testing

Fitness to drive assessments

Working at Heights

VDU & workstation assessments

Health coaching

Train Driver Assessments

HGV Run up Assessments

Forklift Truck Driver Assessments

Plant equipment operator

Minibus driver Assessements

COSHH Asessments

Solvents & Skin checks

Toxicology testing

Musculosketal disorder prevention

Face fit testing

Ergonomic Assessments

Harvard Step Test

ECG Monitoring

Personal Health Development

Employee Development and Advice programmes - Individually produced to match the needs of the worker




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