Occupational Health and Well-being Services

A range of occupational health and screening services to help ensure the well-being of employees in the workplace.

Fitness profits... 

Health Screening:

Audiology testing

Ergomomic adjustments

Skin Assessments

Pedometer tracking

Toolbox talks

Vision Screening

Spirometry testing (lung function, peak flow, respiratory, asthma tests)

HAV's - Hand Arm vibration testing

Workstation Assessments

Management referrals

Sickness Advice

Health Screening

Workplace Assessments

COSHH Medicals

Solvent & Toxic substance exposure

Drug & Alcohol testing

Management Referrals and Sickness Absence Management 



Management referrals and sickness absence managementFull management referral and assessments

Return to work planning.

Phased returns and work routine adaptations.

Modified work patterns & relocation.

Trade Union liaison. 

Equality Act assessments


Please contact to discuss your needs: Company health planning, in-house improvements, worker engagement, mobile services, industry wide reviewing, healthcare provider assistance, employee personal development, non-profit organisations & charity assistance,  Internet  / e-advice.